The story of the founding of the church is told like this: a Rev. T. Durant and friends from Skinner Street Congregational Church (now URC), Poole, were reportedly travelling through Broadstone. They met a young boy ‘whom they found entirely destitute of religious knowledge’.  Rev. Durant and friends resolved to do something about this and returned subsequently to set up a Sunday School in a local cottage, which was then also used for Sunday worship. The formation of the church is given as 1847.

On 10 October 1852, a newly built chapel was opened, on land donated by Mr. Waterman, now the owner of that house called ‘Broadstone’ by now part of ‘Broadstone Farm’. At this time ministry was exercised from Skinner Street Church and later from Bournemouth. A full time pastor was appointed in 1912, a Rev. T. Oswald Davies, brother of the musician Sir Walford Davies.

The congregation laid plans for a larger building in 1913 but these were postponed because of World War I. Building work commenced, after much fundraising, in 1927. The new church was opened on Monday 14 May 1928. Various building projects have occurred since then, the most recent being a hall extension providing an additional room and improved facilities, which was completed in 2003